Maxibright Compact HID Power Packs

Designed and built for convenience, reliability and safety as standard

  • Resin encased for durability and performance
  • Cooler Running
  • Encapsulated components for quiet operation and longer ballast life
  • 10 year life expectancy
  • Digital timed igniter to protect against lamp failure
  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Double earthed insulation for greater protection and peace of mind
  • Outstanding build quality
  • Flying lead IEC connection
  • Wall mountable
  • 2 year guarantee

Maxibright Compact power pack 600W

The Maxibright compact power pack is a revolutionary new design of magnetic ballast, providing ultra efficient lamp control with a lower heat output than has been ever achieved before.

  • Cooler running
  • Silent operation
  • Timed digital intelligent igniter
  • Precision wound ballast
  • Runs both sodium and metal halide lamps
  • Wall mountable

Maxibright Mk1 Compact Power Pack 250W/1000W

The Maxibright Mk1 Compact is manufactured using Layrton control gear for guaranteed performance. The ballast unit is fully encapsulated in an injection-moulded resin case that efficiently dissipates heat from the components out through the surface for cooler and silent operation. The Maxibright Mk1 Compact is built with a smart matched timed igniter to protect the ballast against lamp failure. The ballast on the 250W model also uses a thermal cut out device to protect against overheating in the event of a fluctuating lamp current or short circuit. Each power pack has a wall-mountable enclosure giving you a safe and secure lighting control system.

Maxibright Mk2 Compact Power Pack 400W/600W

The Maxibright Mk2 Compact is a popular choice for its proven reliability and competitive price, making it the UK’s best value ballast. Built with Venture Lighting control gear, the Maxibright Mk2 Compact offers guaranteed excellent performance. Precision wound coils provide the best possible thermal and electrical durability. A timed digital intelligent igniter minimises stress to the components giving you a long-life, energy efficient unit. The case is designed with a wall-mountable enclosure to provide a safe and secure lighting control system.

Maxibright Compact Pro Power Pack 600W

The Maxibright Compact Pro is a leading quality magnetic ballast with a 10 year life expectancy. Manufactured using Venture Lighting control gear, it guarantees you excellent performance. The Maxibright Compact Pro is silent with low heat output due to the unique case design, with the ballast unit partially encapsulated in resin for highly efficient heat dissipation. A wall-mountable enclosure allows you to set up a safe and secure lighting control system. The ballast is built using precision wound coils for thermal and electrical durability. The Maxibright Compact Pro uses a timed digital intelligent igniter to start the lamp which protects against damage to the circuit components, giving you a long-life unit and energy efficient lamp control.