Maxibright Compact HID power packs use only the highest quality components for excellent long-life performance.  Manufactured by Venture Lighting and Layrton to specific UK safety standards, they are proven to be both safe and reliable for use with any size of HID lighting system.

There is a Maxibright Compact power pack to suit every type of application from the hobby enthusiast to the professional gardener. Five options are available in the Compact range: Maxibright Mk1 Compact 250W/1000W, Maxibright Mk2 Compact 400W/600W and the Maxibright Compact Pro 600W. All Compacts in the range are wall mountable for safe use in humid environments.

Why do I need a Maxibright Compact to run my HID lamps?

A Maxibright Compact power pack is an electrical component used to regulate the electricity flowing into a HID lamp.  It is also known as a ‘ballast’. Without regulating the electricity from the supply, the lamp would draw as much current as there is available until it fails. This is where a ballast comes in; the primary function being to regulate the amount of electricity flowing through the lamp so that the arc between its electrodes is steadily maintained and the right amount of light is emitted.

All Maxibright Compacts are designed to run high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps and metal halide (MH) lamps. HPS lamps have a high red light output essential for plants in the flowering stage. Metal Halide lamps produce blue light wavelengths that promote vegetative growth.  Maxibright Compacts allow you the flexibility to switch between lamps in relation to your plants’ cycle, giving your plants the light they need for a healthy yield.

Lower temperature for longer life

The Maxibright Compact is one of the most compact power packs on the market.  What defines the Maxibright Compact from other power packs is the unique case design. After the manufacturing process the ballast unit is sealed into a hard-setting resin which also bonds to the hard plastic case. This resin is also used in the Oil and Petroleum industries for its excellent heat dissipation properties. The Maxibright Compact takes advantage of the entire enclosure to dissipate the heat from the components out through the surface. As a result the Maxibright Compact has greatly reduced internal temperatures compared to air-vented power packs. This method of encapsulation provides the ultimate in protection, giving you longer component life and better electrical operating characteristics.

Precision wound coils

All Maxibright Mk2 Compacts and Maxibright Compact Pros have precision wound coils to provide the best possible thermal and electrical durability. With precision windings, each coil is wound onto grooved insulation material, ensuring that each turn of the wire is accurately positioned. A high grade winding wire is always used to further enhance performance and reliability.

Igniters with digital intelligence

Inside the Maxibright Mk2 Compact and Maxibright Compact Pro power pack is a timed digital intelligent igniter designed for universal operation. Unlike conventional igniters, these do not add a single watt of power or degree of internal temperature. This means a more energy efficient performance, prolonged life for the unit and reduced maintenance requirements.

Theses igniter units have been designed to minimise stress to all circuit components, produce minimum radio frequency interference and have a highly efficient hot re-strike method. The igniter sends out an initial 5 second pulse cycle to strike the lamp. If unsuccessful the unit will automatically pause for 1 minute before repeating the pulse. This process continues until the lamp strikes. The one minute pause allows the internal workings to stay cool, protecting all circuits and components and resulting in a faster hot re-strike.

The timing circuit is also intelligent enough to distinguish between a cycling lamp and a mains supply interruption, allowing 3 lamp cycles before shutting down.

Which Maxibright Compact do I need?

The power pack you choose will depend on the wattage of lamps you would like to run.

Each HID lamp type is rated to produce a specified lumen output when fed with its rated wattage. The internal components of the ballast are designed to send the correct voltage and current for the rated lamp. For example, a 400W HPS lamp will only work with a 400W HPS ballast. Mixing lamps and ballasts will result in premature failure and will void the manufacturers’ warranty. The higher the wattage the further away you want the light to be from your plants due to the amount of heat given out. Consider the size and area you want your garden to be prior to making a lighting purchase.