compactpro & green boxes Maxibright – intelligent lighting New Maxibright 600W Compact Maxibright Compact range, designed and built for convenience, reliability and safety as standard
New Maxibright 600W Compact Cooler running with matched digital SmartTM igniter and precision wound ballast. Runs both Sodium and Metal Halide lamps.
Maxibright Compact range, designed and built for convenience, reliability and safety as standard Maxibright Mk1 250W and 1000W Compact manufactured by Layrton. Maxibright 400W and 600W Compact and 600W Compact Pro manufactured by Venture Lighting. Each Compact is assembled to all relevant UK safety standards, using high quality components with proven service and reliability.

33% more light

Maxibright Compacts are proven to give you up to 33% more light than competitor’s magnetic ballasts. We only use high quality components for long-life performance. Expertly designed, the Maxibright Compact runs lamps at their optimum power giving you efficient lighting with increased light spectrum and high PAR.

Cooler running

The Maxibright Compact and Compact Pro is silent and cooler running due to the unique case design, with the ballast unit partially encapsulated in resin for highly efficient heat dissipation.

Digital intelligent igniters

Maxibright Mk2 Compacts and Maxibright Compact Pro power packs use a timed digital intelligent igniter designed to minimise stress to all circuit components and provide a highly efficient hot re-strike. This gives you a more energy efficient performance and prolonged unit life without adding a single watt of power or degree of internal temperature.

Genuine Quality Power Packs

All our Maxibright Compacts meet the Genuine Quality standards and carry the Genuine Quality and Genuine Power marks. These are specific European standards that guarantee the ballast is built to a high standard of safety and efficiency. Genuine Quality ballasts will provide the correct power to the lamp and have a nominal rated lifespan of ten years. For full information about Genuine Quality standards please visit: